Sunday, April 15

Erin Brockovich: the bad employee

"I was working in the compressor.
The supervisor calls me up to the office and says:
"We'll give you a shredder...
...and send you to the warehouse to shred the documents we stored."
He say why?
Nope. And I didn't ask.
Did you look at the stuff you destroyed?
It was a lot of dull vacation schedules and stuff.
Then there were memos about the holding ponds, the water in them.
And readings from the test wells, stuff like that.

"You were told to destroy those?

That's right.
Course, as it turns out...
...l wasn't a very good employee."

This is Charles Embry the employee that provided the incriminating documents that was used as proof that PG&E had previous knowledge that the water was contaminated.
The corporation payed $333 million settlement to the victims, the largest direct action lawsuit in U.S. history.
Let's not forget that the woman who gathered all the information was not a lawyer.

Erin Brokovich, the movie is based on a true story, keeps working and surely needs some bad employees because her cases are not welcome by corporations who pay a lot of money to put her work in discredit.


Mark p.s.2 said...

Great story! Thank you.

Ana said...

The movie is very good!