Wednesday, April 4

Pensioner commits suicide at Greek Parliament refusing to "search for food in the garbage"

I'm shocked and suicide is not a taboo issue for me and I'm planning a post about it but this is new for me and I don't know what to think.
Hi name is Dimitris Christoulas, a 77-year-old retired Greek pharmacist and he left this suicide note:

"The Tsolakoglou* occupation government literally deprived me of any chance of survival that relied on a decent pension, which I alone had to pay for (without any government aid) over the course of 35 years.

Since my age prevents me from substantially resisting this fate on my own (that said I would not rule out the possibility of following the example of any Greek that took up a kalashnikov), I see no other option to a dignified end, before having to resort to scavenging through the garbage for my food.

I believe that the youth with no future will one day take up arms and hang the national traitors upside down at Syntagma square, as the Italians did in 1945 with Mussolini (Piazzale Loreto of Milan)"

[*Georgios Tsolakoglou was a Greek military officer who became the first Prime Minister of the Greek collaborationist government during the Axis Occupation in 1941-1942.]

Above the suicide note.

This is all I have for the moment.


Anders Widen said...

Probably is spain next country to fall.
Europe sways. It's terrible when people become so desperate as this man.

of topic, some gifs:

Ana said...

In Italy someone did the same yesterday.
This is...
I'll visit the link.
I thought about you this week and I wanna know about your exhibition.
I'l "visit" you.

Anders Widen said...

I am working on shortening the presentation of my exhibition. I also try to write a manifesto about how I look at art. It's about there most certainly is originality, but also that we borrow from everything we see and experience. Most calls this borrowing for inspiration. I choose to call it theft. With this I run a thesis that shoots straight into a heated debate going on in my country, but also all over Europe.

This text will soon be shorted.

Anders Widen said...

No, between artists and art lovers, there is no debate.
The copyright industry, which then sells artists' work claims that it is a criminal offense to copy the original, even if you change, do a remix, or be inspired.

We have had a quote right for a long time, now th copyright industry tries to legislate against it.

An example. A photographer took a picture of a musician. The picture was sold to many magazines. The photographer earned in this way a lot of money.
An artist painted a similar picture, it could be that he used the photographer's image as inspiration, it is also possible that he had seen the same thing at the concert.
However, he was punished for having made copyright infringement.
The photographer did not pursue this case, it was they who bought the rights to publish his picture who ran it to court.

So. I'm trying to create an artistic manifesto that fight this idiocy.

Therefore I run it as far as to say that all artists of all time has stolen (instead of talking about inspiration). I want to spark debate. I hope to create a manifesto that I can stand behind with full honesty. Although I use dramatically proportioned words.

(Also in a comment to you at my blog)

Ana said...

I understood it now.
Copyright laws have to change. I don't know how it will be.
This debate is all over the world and we also have been talking about it.

It's a hard job since we're dealing with the corporations.

Anders Widen said...

precisely. that's why I think it is especially important for us writers, artists, musicians to show everyone that it is not we who make money on the copyright. In Sweden my publishers continue to make money in my books 70 years after my death.
How much better would it not be if the books ended up in the public domain?

When I live the publisher and those who sell books earns 90% of the sales price of my book. Of course they fight to not only maintain but increase any copyright laws.

Anders Widen said...

In autumn, when I exhibit my paintings in a gallery, gallery owner would "only" have 50%;)
For me as a writer, it is a great deal