Monday, April 2

Fake French Cheese Président sold in Brazil: Fromage Président falsifié

I think that it could be the beginning of a diplomatic crisis some decades ago.
I bought a Camembert in a shop and a Brie at the online supermarket I usually shop.
The brie cheese is fake.  Fake/ Faux/ Falso
Oui, cher monsieurs.
J'ai acheté de fromage brie Président falsifié, faux, à Rio de Janeiro, Brésil.

The Horror!
C'est dégolasse mais ça n'est pas une question sérieuse pour ce qui sont en France.
I want to talk to the CEO of Président in France parce que le Président de la France s'en fiche, and my ambassador don't give a damn.
Consumer's right in Brazil is a joke. I believe it is the same everywhere nowadays but this is a tradition that Brazil  is proud to have started decades ago.

I'll not through away the cheese and the fake pack and logo. I'll have it as a proof forever.
Maybe I'll carry it with me after death: "Look, this is what they do in the place I was."
Now I'm craving Camembert that is my favorite cheese.

I want my cheese! This is outrageous.
Sarkozy!!!!! Bernard Henri-Levy et tout les autres: c'est a cause de vous que le monde...
Mon Dieux!
Fake philosopher, fake president, fake cheese Président... France is not the same anymore and their cheese no longer represent their culture.

The representative of the Brazilian Président just called me on the phone and I explained everything. They'll give a solution tomorrow.

Update April, 3

I've just received an e-mail from AlFood the Brazilian representative of the Président cheese and they said that the cheese is not fake. So the cheese is NOT FAKE.
The problem is that the agroindustry is being responsible for a lowering quality of the products and causing other hams as well.
The group Lactalis is the responsible for distributing not only the Président cheeses over 150 countries but also for other brands. It is amazing how this group is being capable of selling 20 Président products every minute in the world as they claim at their site.
The cheese tastes and smells fake, for those who know the real brie's taste and smell. since it has to be made to be distributed in 150 countries and Lactalis also is responsible for numerous other brands.
I started doing a research about cheeses after this experience. But you must have already noticed that you don't need to have the butter at the refrigerator anymore because it will not get rancid.
Globalization is not only making people poorer but it is also making food worse. We can grow tomatoes but it will be hard to have a cow in an apartment.

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