Thursday, November 29

Sorrow by Van Gogh

I still have no computer and I'm also in a difficult period. People hurt sometimes. We have to mourn and regain strenght.
I miss blogging and my virtual friends. You're all with me and it is good to know that you're all there even thou we never met. It's amazing how deeply connected I feel to many people. It's good
People we get in touch are part of our universe and affect us. It is a blessing to have people around the world that I can feel that are close to me.
I want to make a post about this kind of bond we have in the virtual world. Not now. I'm very sad.
I never did a post like this and... dunno. I have to regain control over my emotions. Yes... I'm crying.
Love and peace to all of us.
Image: Sorrow, 1882, by Van Gogh


OneBigMistake, andSome said...

Sometimes it is good to cry ... Hope you will be back at smiling soon :)

kartunboj said...


Balqis said...

Hi Ana! I feel the sadness in your words. The image makes it even more sad.

Hugs for you. I hope it can make you feel better.

Ana said...

Love you all...
you're always with me...

Mark p.s.2 said...

My computer(s) are broke also . I have to use the library.
I hope you feel better soon.
I don`t think you or I can control our emotions.

Ana said...

So glad you came!
No, we can't. Time... time and friends.

Hope you have your computer back soon.
Love you dearly.

Ken Foster said...

Merry Christmas Ana!

Ana said...

Hi Ken!!!!
Merry Xmas!