Sunday, November 18

War in Gaza: Obama supports the massacre of Palestinians

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The bombs that are falling on Gaza right now are paid for by US tax dollars, as unconditional military aid to Israel remains an unquestioned budgetary priority,” writes Jewish Voices for Peace (JVP).

U.S. and allies are backing the massacre of Palestinians claiming that Israel has the "right of defense":

"In his second phone call with Israel's prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, since the conflict began, Obama backed "Israel’s right to defend itself," while expressing "regret over the loss of Israeli and Palestinian civilian lives," according to a statement from the White House late Friday."
Joshua Hersh at The HuffPost.

As always the facts are distorted and Israel is the victim even though it was the assassination of the Hamas military leader Ahmed Jabari - a peace activist who was discussing about a long-term peace between Israel and Hamas - that started the crisis.

"Unconfirmed reports suggest the Israeli military is using white phosphorous and other illegal weapons. It is likely. Israel uses them in all its wars. New ones are tested in real time. Doctors report injuries never seen before." PressTV.

People around the word has manifested their support protesting in the streets.

“It’s an atrocity what is being perpetrated as punishment on the people in Gaza.It’s a crime… I think it is an abomination that this continues to go on,”
Former US President Jimmy Carter

"In the context of total aerial supremacy, in which one side in a conflict deploys lethal aircraft against opponents with no means of defending themselves, the bombardment bears all the hallmarks of war crimes."
The attacks, in retaliation for rockets fired by the Palestinians, would not contribute to the security of Israel, he said.
"It is a blight not only on the Middle East, but on the entire world - and particularly world leaders who have consistently failed the people of Palestine and Israel over the past 60 years."
Desmond Tutu

"I am telling the Zionist oppressors that if you insist on your aggressions, you will face the consequences of your mistakes, you and those who you think are protecting you... I am saying to Israel stop, or you will face the anger of Egyptians... Our souls are striving for the holy lands... Everyone must know that the will and abilities of Egypt could take out the roots of evil just like it took out the roots of oppression... Read history and you would know that you will never become victorious... There will be no peace or prosperity with oppression, as the bloods of victims will be a curse on you and will move all nations against you... The Zionists shall not have power over the people of Gaza, and we are not going to leave Gaza alone." -
Egypt President Mursi, Friday night.

This video shows how the mainstream media manipulates the facts of the conflict.
I was going to write a detailed post but at the moment there is a terrible bombardment that is killing more Palestinians.
A genocide is going on and children are among them.
I'm following Harry Fear that is live as explained in the post below.

"American Muslims for Palestine believes that the occupation leaders are using Palestinian blood for election purposes. “Each time the political climate in Israel reaches a dead end Israeli officials attack Palestinians for political gain in hopes of swaying the Israeli voter.”"

Israeli commentator Jonathan Cook says “Obama’s policy towards Israel and the Palestinians will be the same as in his first term, with policy determined by Zionist pressure and concern for future Democratic Party prospects.”
Is There any Hope for Palestine? by Karin Friedmann.

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