Monday, November 5

US Election 2012: November 6, 2012 mourning day

Americans will vote tomorrow. I'm already mourning.
Candidates didn't even had to explain their intentions. This is a first.

"The Future:  Post-Election Consequences

With or without the re-election of Obama, his regime and policies have laid the groundwork for an ever more regressive and reactionary social agenda:  living standards including health, welfare, social security will be cut drastically. Afro-Americans will remain invisible except to the police and racist judicial system.  Immigrants will be hunted down and driven out of homes and jobs:  immigrant student dreams will become nightmares of fear and trepidation.  Death squads, proxy and drone wars will multiply to prop up a bankrupt US empire.

Unaccountable and hypocritical progressives will shift gears and criticize the president they elected; or if it’s Romney they will attack the same vices they overlooked during Obama’s electoral campaign:  more cuts in public spending and climate change will result in greater deterioration in everyday life and basic infrastructure; more floods, fires, plagues and blackouts.  New Yorkers will learn to detox their toilet water; they might be drinking and bathing in it.
Prof. James Petras

Source: "US Elections: From the “Lesser to the Greater Evil”. The Demise of Critical Liberalism"


cookingvarieties said...

hi Ana, how are you doing. Guess politics and politicians games are generally similar everywhere.
have a nice day

Ana said...

Hi Maznah!
Yes, it's the same...

untonyto said...

Mourn indeed. Already Obama is talking about how he has more freedom, now that he has secured reelection.

Ana said...

He has to listen to what his bosses tell him to do.
No freedom for presidents for a long time.