Thursday, December 27

Checkers: patience

I've been playing those games we all know and used to play when we were children. I didn't have patience to think all the possible outcomes of one move and this is the most important factor in many games.

I'm noticing it now. We have a card game, a little bit bit like canasta, but it's a version that only Brazilians play.
I remember that the first round I did well. The second not that much and at the rest of the game, we played for hours, my mind was on something else.

Fortunately my partner was kind enough not to call me names or those other compliments we pay when we get tired of losing.

I declined learning chess because I refused to memorize all those moves. So checkers was the only possibility although I also didn't have patience for more than two or three rounds. I always lost and it happened very quickly. Today I played this one and it took me a while to win.
Patience is the answer.

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