Tuesday, December 11

Free game on Art

Yesterday I spent the whole day playing this game.
I've just finished and downloaded the number two 'The Hidden World of Art 2".
It's a free game and I think it's interesting for those who want to get  in touch with paintings or for those who want to pass the time. You can download it here or choose other hidden games that has to do with something you like. Click the image to enlarge. Do you know who is the painter? Hmm... I'm on vacation. I need to take a time.

Update: December, 12
The second game is not as good as the first one. so I gave up. One one of things that is amazing about electronic games is that everything has to do with money.
This one is no exception and the reward was money to buy furniture for a house.

Update: December 24
I tried again the second version. The choice of paintings is not good and the items are so hard to find that it gets irritating.
I kept going to see if it would get better but the more I insisted the more stressed.
If you want to make someone hate art and paintings you found a way. Give this link and I assure you that going to museums or galleries will be the last thing s/he will want to do.
I don't like writing about things I don't admire. It was my fault insisting.
I'm still looking for good games. If you know something it would be of great help.

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