Tuesday, December 18

US government is suspending freedom of speech in Connecticut


I just found this video, a must-see, and Martin, who has a great channel at Youtube, raises some important topics about our lives in a very nice way.
He talks about the possibility of Connecticut school-shootings being a false-flag for the purpose of banning weapons from America.

Search for "school-shooting false flag" and you'll find numerous sites discussing this possibility.

The message is:: Americans have to fight for your rights and try to have a realistic picture about what is going on in US and the world,
The world is upside down. America doesn't need play-writers to create horror. US government is doing a great job in creating massacres and even fictitious stories that are transmitted by CNN, ABC, FOX, CBS and all the others. And it is spread all over the world.

Watch the video an try to understand. It is about your life. Be selfish.

Lady Liberty as Divided American flag with tears
Copyright by E, Edwin Ennor, 2004

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