Monday, June 10

Bloggers shuts down on June

I'm a member of this directory for a long time and made numerous friends from many countries.
This site doesn't have a single advertisement and is totally dedicated to create a relationship among bloggers and promote blogs.

What a sad  place to live when everything has to be sponsored by companies and only money can make things keep going.

It is a huge lost for many bloggers used to rely on Bloggers to find blogs and socialize with their authors.


Ana said...

My dear D B.....,

I received your message and I'm there. :)

Rum-Punch Drunk said...

Yes, I saw this a number of weeks ago. First there was a message looking for investors then it changed to closing down. So I guess it might have something to dow with money.
I too met loads of bloggers there and will miss all the contacts I made, and interaction there.

Ana said...

I didn't see the ad asking for investors.
I never understood how they kept maintaining the site because they don't give any hint about who sponsors it.