Wednesday, June 12

The Russian Mcdonalds

MacDonald's at Red Square
Picture by Simon Griffiths at Flickr.

The capitalist American icon is operating in Russia for more than twenty years and according to Reuters "McDonald's, the world's biggest restaurant company by revenue, also plans to open at least 150 self-operated restaurants in Russia over the next three years."

I'll never understood how can people like burgers from fast-food chains. The fried potatoes taste like plastic and the meat... meat?
I ate three in this lifetime because there was no alternative and I was starving.  It might be because of the extremely low price that people eat it.

Buying real meat and doing it at home is cheaper. A hamburger can be done very quickly and it only takes a paper bag to carry it.

But Mcdonald's in Siberia will soon be a reality starting with five restaurants in Novosibirsk with 50 seats each.
Bon Appetit!

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