Saturday, June 22

Julian Lennon: at peace in spite of John and Yoko

When I first watched the right video it really affected me that one of my "heroes" was that insensitive to his son especially because he had a difficult childhood: - "Mother, You had me but I never had you/ I wanted you you, didn't want me." ""Father, you left me but I never left you/ I needed you, you didn't need me" - is in the lyrics of "Mother" that John wrote after starting therapy.
Hard to believe that with such problems John was capable of verbally abusing his son and not be there for him most of the time.

But that's the way it is and now I found the left video where he is together and when the name of his father is mentioned he behaves like he has been doing his whole life in front of others: pretending nothing happened.
This is a video about  his work and his last album that he dedicated to his stepfather that passed away four years before.
The interviewer talks about Yoko Ono having auctioned postcards that John and Julian exchanged. Julian had to buy the postcards back and other John's belongings that Yoko
Ono also sold.

"That is disgusting!" said the interviewer. Yes, disgusting and  what Yoko Ono has done and is still doing with John Lennon's legacy is disgusting.
She is making money, distorting and doing a lot of harm to Lennon's ideology, messages and life experience. Julian who had a first hand experience with Yoko says: "I think she knew exactly what she was doing from day one."

I met a Japanese once that told me that his father knew Yoko Ono in Japan and that she has left her child and family because she wanted to make money. This is an anecdote evidence but I believe there are other Japaneses that have met Yoko prior to her marriage that can give their testimony.

The bright side is that Julian is very well in spite of all of this.

Julian and his mother Cynthia

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