Friday, August 9

Luxurious brands "Made in China"? Gucci, Prada, Mizuno, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike...

I bought a Tommy Hilfiger bag and there is the label: "Made in China".
I'm totally famous-brand blind and didn't know who Tommy Hilfiger was. This man created a billion dollar market.

While I was putting the stuffs inside the bag... there it was at the bottom: the tiny white label "Made in China".

Mizuno has the "Made in Taiwan" label.

What the heck!  I did a research and there are numerous luxurious brands, I don't want them even for free because I don't need this kind of display of status, on the contrary, are "Made in China".
Prada? "Made in China; Channel? "Made in China", Gucci? "Made in China"... the list is long.
"And just because certain luxury labels are manufactured in China does not mean the goods are any lower quality. People often misunderstand the Chinese wholesale factories. In fact, many brands have set up factories in China to reproduce according to exactly the same strict European regulatory system. In an honest and sound society, no brand with hundreds of years of history would risk damaging its image by using a cheap “Made in China” label. Instead they choose to use Chinese workers because of the simple laws of economics: China’s labour is much cheaper*. (emphasis mine)
Nevertheless, in China, the image of a luxury brand risks being undermined. It is likely to happen to any of these houses. But the fault is with their clients. Most luxury goods are discredited by association; for instance, Hermès now makes people think of Guo Meimei, the scandal ridden Chinese celebrity queen who showed off the real as well as fake luxury goods she owns; while Rolex is considered a brand of the nouveau riche."
(read the whole article)
There is a work in Japanese: Karoshi that means "death from overwork". I don't know any other language that has this concept.
I'm thinking about creating a watermark to put on products that uses Chinese labour work: "Original product. Made in China". *Cheap labour= slavery

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