Monday, January 13

Great critters by Princefala at DeviantArt

You have to visit Princefala's gallery at Deviart! As there are numerous great pieces it is
hard to choose so I did it by theme: smoking.
This is how he described the right work:

"I don't care what anyone says, Tabitha is ace. She's doing her thing and never saying sorry for it. She probably doesn't even smoke, but if you've got a cigarette, you know she's going to want it. Why? Because it's yours. And anything Kurt's got is at the top of her list, naturellement. Flippin' tarty klepto. Most people hate her. I think she's damn hilarious ^_^

I also love her and Kurt as a pairing that easily could have been but wasn't. He obviously had it bad for her. I wonder how Todd feels about that . . . :P

By the by, if you can not read it and are curious, Todd's paper says "girlie swot." And he doesn't mean Tabitha. ::sigh:: And here all poor Kurt wanted to do was get together for some studying. Ha.

Meh, not my usual lush colouring job, but I thought a slightly simpler approach worked better here. I might use this as a header if I ever get a website up and running."

photoshop, ballpoint pen

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