Friday, January 17

My Twitter account was hacked

My Twitter account was hacked and it is being used by a Russian site of slot game.
All the new tweets are in Russian and when we click at the tweets we reach this site.

I cannot access the account but when I click from this blog some posts were added to the account.
I have already reported to Twitter but they don't offer any solution.
Just started a new Twitter account but I'll not use it.

I just sent an e-mail for the site asking for them to delete the account.
That's it.


Rum-Punch Drunk said...

Sorry to hear this Ana. How on earth did they hack into it? I don't understand how they got access. Did you use a public computer or something?

Ana said...

I have no idea Rum-Punch.
No, i didn't use public computer or accessed from a friend'd house...
I seldom use twitter.
No idea how and why they did it since i have few followers.
I don't care. I just wanted that my info was not there...