Friday, January 24

HelloFood epic fail

"We are a small team of problem solvers, designers, thinkers andtinkers, working around the clock to make hellofood the most powerful online tool for food delivery in the universe. We believe that ordering food should be easy, fast and definitely fun!"

How can this group of thinkers,  tinker and... designers come up with this advertisement?
A woman pregnant of a Burger?
Disgusting! It insults women, babies and for Christ's sake! the whole concept of healthy food.
Maybe  they meant to say  that pregnant women must not eat junk food but if this is the case why congratulate her?
Junk food or not it is getting hard to have quality food due to GMOs, the amount of chemistry... this is another post.
I was shocked by the number of countries this German company has conquered: more than 30 countries but they employ only 800 people.

As far as Brazil is concerned I tried twice and the restaurants they pick are not good, ergo... the food is terrible.
Bad propaganda is propaganda.I just hope this will not help them. :)


Mark p.s.2 said...

When you see a woman who is overweight, you have to judge if it is a pregnancy or if it is from too many Burgers.

Ana said...

Never forget to not ask "Are you pregnant?" before consulting someone else.
"No, I'm not pregnant. I'm fat."