Tuesday, December 30

Tribute to Joe Cocker/ RIP Joe!

I was listening to music in YouTube and this video appeared on the right side. I clicked and when I was listening I did read a comment that Joe Cocker had passed away.

Yes, he died last week.
I don't know what to say...
RIP Joe Cocker
Whoever you meet you'll be received with open arms.

time someone I admire dies I feel that a little piece of me, maybe a tiny light, goes away or is turned off. These people even thou I only know their songs, paintings, novels, thoughts,... are part of who I am. They have helped me to be what I am. I feel sad but when I remember that I have their work to enjoy I calm down.
Staring the nothingness is the only possible thing to do for a while till I gain back my energy.

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