Friday, December 12

Whirlpool company exporting it's greed to the world

The company Whirlpool is in many countries making costumers pay for products of bad quality and imposing the greedy way of commerce during the whole process of acquiring an appliance.

In Brazil the site Compra Certa is the one Whirlpool made partnership.
I did a purchase in the site and I'm facing a lot of problems that I have never had before.

I wonder when will they give my money back.

Happy Xmas Mr Enrico Zito!

"This only touches a small edge of the corruption. Whirlpool also receives Subsidies and Millions a year to hire Military Veteran's and that only encompasses 1 % of their workforce. But the receive millions each year for hiring less than 500 people, so the government is still paying these salaries for Whirlpool and they still make out with a profit. There are no veteran's in the management sector of Whirlpool. Whirlpool advertises and receives grants from the Department of Labor and Veteran's Administration to hire Veteran's, but they fudge the books, but keeping a majority on a Temporary Employment Basis"
(a comment from YouTube)

Whirlpool still didn't give my money back.

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