Tuesday, October 3

Another Mass Shooting, Another Grab For Guns: 6 Gun Facts By Tony Cartalucci

Another Mass Shooting, Another Grab For Guns: 6 Gun Facts
By Tony Cartalucci

Concluding Thoughts 

"All 6  facts tell us that violence is driven by socioeconomic factors, not access to firearms. If firearms drove violence, the United States would be by far the most violent nation on Earth, followed by Serbia – they are not. The UK and Japan would have roughly the same rate of homicides – they do not.

If you truly care about a more peaceful world, address the root causes of violence – which is clearly, obviously not access to weapons. Those who intentionally stir hysteria and prey on the emotions of well-meaning people to push issues like gun control have ulterior motives – and coincidentally allow all of the actual factors that drive violence – socioeconomic disparity and destitution – to continue or even expand.

If you are truly against violence, you must truly commit yourself to understand what really causes it, and not indulge in emotional campaigns pursuing irrational measures that not only will not stop violence, but will invite great amounts of the very exploitation and injustice that drives violence." 

"Examining the heavily medicated, violent, and intentionally divided population of America and the socioeconomic doldrums they inhabit would be a good place to start.(emphasis mine)

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Andy Alt said...

World needs “revolution” in mental health care – UN rights expert

Ana said...

We really need a global awakening. Thank you very much for the visit Andy.
I confess I'm not dealing with mental health advocacy because it hurts too much.
I'll do it in the right time.,

Andy Alt said...

Hi, Ana. I didnt' get an email notification of your comment. I'm glad I thought to check.

I understand why you'd want to move away from mental health advocacy, dear Ana. You'll get no judgement from me.

I hope you have a good weekend. :)