Sunday, October 22

The war on children: An Open Secret: A documentary on Hollywood Paedophilia

The way children are being treated in this period of History is outrageous.
We need to protect children.

Update: There is something very strange happening with this video. The first time I did publish the next time it disappeared. I did search it again and found a new link yesterday.
It was working and now... it is gone.
I believe the best way to watch it is searching and trying to find it. It seems that freedom of speech and rights of information is being attacked.
Why does Hollywood care so much of being exposed? Even the catholic church deals with it's abusive priests in a much more open way than Hollywood. The Pope has asked forgiveness to some people who were abused by their members.
So Hollywood is not strong enough to deal with their deviants members? Is Hollywood a better institution than any other? Come on!
It is about time that Hollywood deals with it's demons and skeletons in it's closet.
Update 2: 10, 26/2017
I'll leave this link that is from Alex Jones because it is being said that they are boycotting the documentary. Let's hope people can watch it.

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