Sunday, May 6

Dufy's Tribute to Mozart and Debussy

Right: Hommage à Debussy, 1952.
Left: Hommage à Mozart, 1952,

Trying to capture the essence of music in plastic art was done by some artists and Dufy worked many times on this theme.

The innovation in these two pieces is the way the sound of the piano is represented through the leaves and flowers feeling the air of the room with the sound of the piano.


Alexander Rysman said...

Stunningly beautiful. I just the nice fine arts. Museum where I fell in love with Dufy
. He retained a personal sense of color all of his life. It is the fantasy of France portrayed by a lover.

Ana said...

I remember feeling the same when I first "met" Dufy.
It was love at first sight.
Welcome to the club. :)