Monday, May 7

Virgin Mary taking a pregnancy test?

"A church billboard showing a shocked Virgin Mary gasping as she examines a pregnancy testing kit has sparked outrage in New Zealand."

The large poster outside St Matthew's in the City, a prominent Anglican church in Auckland, was designed by an advertising agency and depicts Mary in the style of a classical Renaissance painting.

A caption competition on the church's website has already drawn some questionable responses.
Suggestions include "Yay! I hope it's a girl," "Now, which way to the abortion clinic?" and "If I say I'm a virgin, mum and dad won't kill me."

One contributor protests: "You have crossed the line! Mary should not be the object of a trite campaign, whatever your good or not so good intentions."
Another condemns the billboard: "Can it be more offensive?"

Source: The Telegraph.

She didn't wait for angel Gabriel.
The meaning of the word "virgin" changed with time:

"The meaning of the word "virgin" has changed slightly throughout history. Originally, it only meant "a woman living apart", or an unmarried woman - not a woman entirely without sexual experience. By the Middle Ages, "virgin" took on it's contemporary definition of a woman who never engaged in sexual intercourse. The mystery of the virgin's power tilted from being a special kind of strong and magical person to only holding the mystery of her maidenhead." continue reading.


hastydecision said...

Wow. Ana, I would love to know your reaction to this post because I'm sitting at my desk with my hand over my mouth. I love that you make me think about stuff, but my mind just went numb.

Ana said...

I kept looking at the image myself a little confused... than I smiled...

hastydecision said...

I have no sisters or brothers and always regretted that. Since I am 56 now I can look back and say you would make a great little sister for anyone to have. I can only imagine the wonderful and varied conversations you have with people. I doubt that anyone has ever considered you boring. Your mind is like a sponge that absorbs everything. You say you are shy, but I say you are bold and fearless, at least this is true on your blog.

Ana said...

I'm boring, yes!
I rather talk about issues that most people don't like.
What saves me is my sense of humor.
I would love to have a family too and would love to have born on a family with many people, brothers, sisters...
I'm finally working on a way to make my mind stop racing from one topic to another.
I close my eyes and tell myself to enjoy the peace.
Quietening our minds is a struggle.