Monday, May 14

A strange HTML code can ruin your blog

I was working on a post and I was trying to put some images side by side but as they were more than four I searched for "how to put images side by side
I found the Etsy Blog Team 's post "How to post images side by side" and used a HTML code they give.
I tried using the code but it didn't work so I didn't publish the post.

For my surprise all the posts with images side by side changed. The original edition I did was modified.
I don't know why the space between the images was increased and all the posts I edited in the whole blog with images side by side were altered and look awful
I don't have any idea how to change it back. I guess something was altered at the template.

It took me a lot of time trying the code... and this is the result. The strange is that I didn't even publish the post. Just trying it altered everything.
Be careful when using tips about HTML even if the site sounds reliable.
Thank you Etsy team...

I've redone this post according to the new size so that it could have the original format. The pictures have to be huge.
The rest of the blog... I'll relax.


Mark p.s.2 said...

The web-page looks alright to me. :)

Ana said...

There are some posts that have two pictures and the test is in the middle.
It took me a time to edit it in a way so that the images were side by side with the text below it.
Now it's gone.

Rum-Punch Drunk said...

I usually check out a load of different tech blogs and also ask someone who knows about these things to help before I do anything on my blog as I am definitely not tech savvy. But thanks for the warning though. Your content is always good anyway, so no probs there. Hope it all gets sorted for you.

Ana said...

I'm also careful but could never imagine that just saving as draft could make changes like it did.

But since when we say draft pictures are published at Google+ now I'll not try anything new.

Thank you very much!