Friday, May 11

Which is English? "sick as a cat" / "sick as a dog"? "duopoly" / "biopoly"?

I found this game "Which is English" and it became  a  funny way to get in touch with some expressions.

Real words are mixed with fake words and expressions that are better learnt when we are among a culture where English is spoken.

Why do we say "wife and husband" instead of "husband and wife"?
I have no idea.


Mark p.s.2 said...

A fun game. It should be used on that Artificial intelligence computer who played on "Jeopardy" quiz show.
I am a native English speaker/writer and can only get 12 out of 14 , so I think it is too difficult.

Ana said...

There is always something tricky.
This is also my average.
I've been learning there. Funny.