Friday, June 8

America: Political prisoners? How US government became the most dangerously ridiculous regime ever

In 2009 I met Lauren Weyland and wrote two posts about her. This is her place where she performs every Tuesday and where I go from time to time when there is nobody around.
It's a nice place and I remember Lauren's accent and her friends most of them Americans.
I took these pictures because I've been thinking about what is happening in America and I cannot help being deeply concerned. Patriot Act, NDAA and political prisoners.

"Political prisoners" is very familiar to me because I lived under dictatorship. I thought that I would never hear this label being used to put Americans in jail.
But it is and the people they are incarcerating under this label are everything but "political prisoners".
The existence of "Eco-defend prisoners" or "Eco-prisoners" is an aberration and it only shows how the US government has crossed all lines. Neither Kafka or Orwells could think of such a ridiculous reason to put people in jail: defending earth and it's inhabitants.

Visit Jericho Mouvement or Earth Liberation Prisoners Support Network (ELP) for more information.
Next  June 11th is the international day of solidarity with long-term political prisoners. Spread the word.


String Bean Jean said...

That is crazy and terrible. Seems like things are more out of hand than I imagined.

Ana said...

Yes... It's scary.

Anders Widen said...

Here in Sweden we don´t have eny political prisoners. We had before, because until year 2000 (aprox) we had a big army and every man has to do his service, a year in combat training, for me it was 2 years because after IQ-testing the find that they wanted to make me an officer.

Som christians in Sweden believed they could not kill people so they refused to do military service, and they all had to go in prison.

After that I hade done my military service I felt a couldn´t do anymore. As an officer I had to do more military service every second year. (We were so afraid of the Russians that we had a huge conscript army. We were incredibly well-educated, had modern weapons, large warships, submarines, fighter aircraft. I myself was a artilleryman. I was trained to shoot tons of grenades at various targets in a very short time.

But after the officers' college, I said that I did not want more. I did not want to learn more. It was very close that I ended up in jail. I had to appeal three times. Finally, I appeal to the Government. They let me go free.

This time is past and over. From having had an army of 800,000 soldiers, we have almost nothing today. Thus, we do not have political prisoners who do not want to kill, there are other groups. We abuse. They are called terrorists, of course. Two Egyptians, only suspects, were handed over to the CIA. CIA directly evicted them back to Egypt. CIA knew they would be tortured. So the CIA did not have to torture them. We do not have the Patriot Act, NDAA, but we obey the United States. We also have agreements with the United States who says we should have a deep cooperation in signals intelligence, both in technology and personnel. That although we are not even included in NATO. Our politicians say we are neutral. It is a lie.

Ana said...

Thank you so much for your testimony!
I think I'm gonna publish it because it's a very important story and people don't know about it.