Friday, June 15

Columbine victim: Mark Taylor locked up to be drugged and remain silent

 Interview with Mark's mother Donna Taylor.
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The lawyer Wesley Hoyt is working for families of Columbine.
After the shooting, Mark had extensive hospitalization and was in and out of the hospital three times. The traumatic memory of that day will always remain with Mark Taylor.

Why is meek and mild Mark Taylor locked up and the Arizona shooter, Jared Loughner, allowed to run free based on HIS “Constitutional Rights” and commit mass murder???

This is our most comprehensive expose yet.  It ties the current illegal confinement of Mark Taylor in an Arizona mental hospital with an extensive re-edit of videos regarding the Bomb Warrant, The January Incident and the ensuing coverup.  On one of the videos, the news helicopter pilot is relating how the FAA was closing his air space even though he was three miles away!  Next up the “Roof Top Shooters” and why Mark is being persecuted and tortured.

 Mark Taylor is a victim several times over:

  1. The shooting and lying there for two hours with bullets whizzing around him while he was bleeding from nearly a dozen bullet wounds.  Some bullets remain embedded in his spine and near his Aorta.  Because of the way the bullets ravaged Mark’s body, it was impossible for the surgeons to count the wounds.  The estimated bullet count ranges from 8 to 13.  Miraculously, he had a full recovery, went on a book tour, testified before the FDA and was interviewed on numerous television broadcasts.  Now he’s been declared an “incapacitated person.”  WHY ?
  2. Mark has been illegally detained and drugged TWICE now, this time for over a year.
  3. Michael Moore has forgotten to send his check to Mark for his part in the movie.
  4. The “government” of Arizona is committing multiple crimes including violations of Mark and Donna’s Freedom of Association, Guarantee of Counsel along with their fundamental Human Rights.  etc….

Now, under the best of circumstances, Mark faces one to two years of recovery and may never fully recover from the continued misuse and abuse of psychiatric medications.
Mark has been imprisoned illegally and the “Government of Arizona,” violating so many of Mark and Donna’s Constitutional Rights that I am too tired to list them all, but, I assure you, I’ll have them up on this site shortly, well, actually, they are lengthy, appallingly so! Of course, I may just be uneducated; maybe there is a logical explanation for this foul-up."

Source: Wesley Hoyt is a private investigator who volunteered for  several Columbine families who are still trying to heal from the shootings on April 20, 1999.  "Why won’t Columbine heal?" he asks.

Donna Taylor: "Mark and I was interested on finding out why did they did the shooting. The other part of it is that they were drived... these boys were  the best kids in the school until they were messed up with drugs and they became a nightmare.
They were very friendly... listen to the interview.


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