Friday, June 1

Time to research...

I'm not publishing lately cause I'm researching some stuffs that I know by intuition.
But we need to search for the facts.
I'm constantly seeking for the truth and it requires a lot of time. But we have to do it or we'll dangerously believe that what we know is enough. It is never enough...
The image is beautiful but I did choose it because it's not in the comfort of the sun that enlightenment is achieved. It is in the rain.
And sometimes... Enlightenment can be brutal.


Cathy said...

O how true this is. Many times I've realized the deep honesty of something only to find it was harsh, more do than I could've prepared for. You must've had this experience too Ana. My poor blog, I've neglected it while stuck in the quicksand of Facebook lol.
Namaste <3

Ana said...

I've been missing you so much!!!!!

So glad you're back!