Monday, July 22

Free your butter: leave it out of the fridge!

I was searching for what people are saying about leaving the butter out of the fridge and came across with this post. I left the following comment:
 My butter is out of the fridge because it doesn't get rancid. When I was a teen it was frequent to listen to:
 "Did I forget the butter out of the fridge?" "OMG! The butter is rancid! Who forgot to put the butter in the fridge yesterday?"
"Go check if the butter is in the  fridge."
It was an obsession because, yes, butter without all these additives get rancid and it smells and tastes terrible.
During winter it took two days to the butter get rancid. In the summer one day.
But now you can leave the butter out of the fridge without any problem.
It never, I said NEVER, gets rancid. OK?
Free your butter! Poor baby having cold and suffering without a coat in the fridge. This is inhuman.
The salt also helps to conserve the butter.

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