Sunday, July 21

Gwen Stefani style: I bought jeans like hers?

I was going to publish a post about Gwen Stefani's style and the No Doubts items she sells at her site.
Now I was searching and found this post and... surprise, surprise: I bought a pair of black jeans that looks  like the one on the left.
Funny. I was a little afraid that the jeans was a little too much.
Now I can say: it is Gwen Stefani's jeans, OK? Any problem with that?lol
As always I removed all the labels. I'll do a label with "Hella Heaven" written on it and now I'm thinking about doing another with "Hella Good" or "No Doubt".

I love Gwen Stefani and her music is great! I can't buy any of No Doubt's items because I don't have a credit card.but I would buy:
 and a
I'll try to make a picture of my jeans. Shy... shy... shy.. Blushing, blushing, blushing...

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