Tuesday, July 30

Kindle is too expensive in Brazil

I have to buy an e-reader but the choices in Brazil are limited. We have one that is made in Brazil and three types of Kindle that are expensive:

Kindle Paperwhite com Wi-Fi=    USD$  212,54 in Brazil x 119,00 in US
Kindle Paperwhite 3G=                         265,79 in Brazil x 179,00 in US

I guess I'll have to wait.
What is strange is that an e-book is not a gadget to be used for pleasure or fun. This is what students and professionals in a very near future will use to study and read.

It will have to cost nothing because this will be the support of all reading activities. If prices don't fall governments will have to create a popular version. I hope they do it soon.
In the meantime we have to download the Kindle for PC. This way Amazon sells e-book but our back will hurt more.

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