Thursday, July 18

Russia Today considers "nazi-regime" as offensive language

I wrote the following comment at RT and received the advice "Your comment contains offensive language. Please modify the text in order to have it posted":
"I'm Brazilian and lived under dictatorship because US wanted.
Now US government is treating their own citizens in the most totalitarian nazi-regime way.
Justin Carter, 19 years-old,is in jail because he wrote a sarcastic phrase at Facebook.
These are the cases we that are being exposed.
Don't delude yourself: American citizens are being put in jail, tortured and killed without without any trial.
That's how dictatorships are done and if you're not convinced that America is under a dictatorship you should stop reading the mainstream media and do a research.
Americans! Please do something to save your country!"
I did the comment without the "nazi-regime and it was accepted.
The image above was a test and again "nazi-regime" is considered offensive language.

I guess they accept "When Hitler was the president".

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