Friday, March 23

3 years blog anniversary

I didn't notice that on 13 March it was the third year of this blog but today the 300th follower appeared.
I didn't ask anybody to follow and I didn't do any of the strategies to conquer followers because I take it as a way to see how people are responding to what I'm doing.

I'm never happy with what I'm doing. It was easier at the beginning and maybe the posts I like the most are from the first year. I'm always insecure and think that I should change something but I don't know what to do.
This 300 people that came here and decided to join gave me an idea that I'm doing something good.
I want to thank you and if you decide to unfollow it is not a problem because I know that at least for a period of time you found something worthy at this blog.

Three years of Hella Heaven and it seems to me that I didn't even started, or, the opposite, I'll not be able to do any other post, or, the ever lasting question: "Why keep blogging?" haunts again.
 It is very hard to measure what we are doing in our blogs.


Mark p.s.2 said...

Happy Blog Anniversary! I think we are expressing ourselves by blogging. Putting on a bit of a show.

Ana said...

Thank you very much Mark.
Yes, I guess it is a way of leaving a little of us. Dunno.
Love you. Seriously. Love you.

Rum-Punch Drunk said...

Hi Ana
A very happy anniversary for your blogging success.

Absolutely right, I think we all have the same issue in hoping that people join our site because they are interested in what we write. Just keep on doing what you have been doing, as it has definitely been an interesting read for me. Even if I don't always comment I still read your stuff.

Thanks for all the information and insights you have given me, especially on things I never knew about. Well done.

cookingvarieties said...

hi Ana, happy 3rd anniversary...
you have done great thus far.
For me, i am happiest when i see the google stats weekly visits show a consistent daily flow of traffic...
the silent readers
have a nice day

Ana said...

Rum-Punch Drunk,
Thank you very much. I'm very happy that you're reading and for the comments I understand cause we have our blogs and it takes all of our time online.
So many good blogs that it is impossible to comment on all we like.

Ana said...

Thank you very mush sweetie.
Have a great day!

Matt Harvath said...

Happy Anniversary! 3 Years is great. I hope you are around for many, many years to come!

Ana said...

Thank you Matt!
I don't know till when but for the moment I keep going.