Friday, March 16

Blogspot made bloggers lose Alexa's rank: what next?

Google changed our YouTube channel and we lost friends, comments, the possibility to share ideas with other people.
There are people who are disappearing from YouTube.
Now I came across with this Alexa stuff.
If you didn't understand:
"For this changes all blogspot blogs losses it's alexa rank and shows #10,897,213. So all the blogspot bloggers very disappointed of this changes. But if you use custom domain for your blogs you won't worry about this because there is nothing changes to your blog URL.
So friends it is time to change your blogspot blogs to custom domain." source Tech Shortly.
I'm scary now because they can change our blogs the way they want. All of a sudden they can turn all the templates into one format and it will... well... they can do a lot of things.
It is time to rethink about it all.
It is amazing! Not a single good news!

Update April, 2
The problem is not on American blogs. Only if you blog from outside US you'll not get the Alexa's updates.
You can solve it by changing the .com. (your country) for .com/ncr
like this: is changed for
and the result will be: where we can have the Alexa's updates corrected.

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