Friday, March 9

John Lennon analyzing our society

"War is a game that has gone too far."

If you listen you'll see that what he said portrays the world as it is today.
By that time musicians, artists, writers,and all of those who were in the culture arena were part of the anti-establishment movement, anti-war movement or counterculture or any movement for fight for freedom and a better world.

It was not about leadership. It has to do with saying what many who don't have a microphone was thinking and uniting people who wanted to change the world.
In the era of celebrities it was lost.

"I think that our society is run by insane people for insane objectives..."

"If anybody can put on paper what our government, the American government etc., and Russian and China, what they are actually trying to do, what do they think they're doing I would be very pleased to
know what they think they're doing!"

"All we have to do is awaken the power in the people. The people are unaware, they are not
educated to realize that they have power."

"Everybody believes that the father will fix everything, the father being the government... the government will fix everything, it is all government's fault and shake this - Lennon show his fist - but we are the government.
The people are the government."

"Peace and war are two products."

The fight for freedom is never over.


Anonymous said...

All we have left, is to give peace a chance

Kara said...

Still relevant words today.

ala kassim said...

hello...visit you....

Ana said...

Yes. It is amazing that what he says is being repeated.

Thank you for the visit ala kassim!

Anders Widen said...

I take one of your Lennon Quotes and publish it on my blog.

And I´m thinking about the Occupy movement.

Ana said...

There are more great statements at the video.
I don't take Occupy movement as a real manifestation.
It has more to do to show Americans that they have to think twice before manifesting because the crackdown will be merciless.
All the news about OWS is about the police beating the "protesters".
The "protesters" were chose as person of the year by Time Magazine.
An anti-establishment manifestation being praised this way?
They did the same with the Egyptians.