Wednesday, March 28

There is something about blue

I use to ask people what is their favorite color and I'm always amazed that so many answer "Blue".
Anyway, I'm curious about the profession of the owner of these jeans. Why all of them have the knees area frayed?

Picture: blue jeans drying in hot sun in Nebraska by Joel Sartori.


Anthony said...

When I was a child, my initial, favorite color was red. However, one day in Kindergarten, the teacher went around the room and asked every child what their favorite color was...Most of the boys that went before me said "red." I wanted to be different and so chose blue. I have stuck with that answer ever since. In truth though, I prefer more vibrant colors, like lime green.

Ana said...

Red is the second most frequent answer. :)

Anonymous said...

Is it becasue of the color of our sky?

I prefer warmer colors over the oters, i like yellow for some unknown reason, and i noticed my tastes in colors are movein to light orange at the moment hehehe

Ana said...

Orange... it is the opposite color of blue.

You see? In the end it's all about blue...