Wednesday, July 4

July 4th according to an American citizen

Since I started blogging, and I started blogging because of an American, I met many great US citizens and learned a lot from them. I learned how they are proud of their people, of course there are lots of problems but in the core America is in the heart of all Americans.

I became jealous of the way some Americans say "my people" because it is not part of my culture. In the 4th of July I want to congratulate all Americans and thanks many for the warmth way they treated me.

I asked for an American to talk about her own feelings because I think that today is the day for American people and I don't dare saying anything about America today.

I met a very bright woman at PalTalk and asked her to write some lines for this post. Her nick is "Timewill Tell".
These are her words:

"Today is the Fourth of July in the USA.
As an American of indigenous heritage, whose roots go deep in this land I want to talk to my fellow citizens about the meaning of patriotism. Too often dissent has been equalled too being unpatriotic. This is wrong, dissent is the purest form of patriotism.

The essence of patriotism is NOT being blind to the wrongs in your country, or in your countries policies. A patriot speaks up and works to insure there nation is on the side of right and justice, a patriot holds it's government to the ideals it purports to build itself on and represent. A patriot puts their country ahead of partisan showmanship and bickering, and does what is right for ALL of their citizens.

As a patriot, what I see happening in my country makes me sad beyond reason. But as a patriot I will work to educate and demand that my nation, my people, my country be the BEST that it can be, not the bully carrying greed and terror to all parts of the world, as despite our insistence otherwise, is indeed what we have become."

by Timewill Tell

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