Friday, July 6

R. D. Laing On DSM-3: the project of homogenization of experience

This is a three minutes video and it's worthy every second because it talks about our normal experiences of life being considered as mental disorders. There are two parts and the second is about the "psychophobia". At the beginning he tells a very funny story about a psychologist that asks if... watch the video.
 I just did transcript these excerpts:

"One characteristic of our culture I think it is a, what I call "psychophobia". Psycophobic... we are frightened of their own minds, of our own psyches.

There is no other book going arond that is more explicit about it than the DSM-3 "Diagnostic Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association 3rd edition which calls itself as a compendium of criteria for mental disorder.

Any unsual perception experience is a criteria for mental disorder... any unusual perception...

I feel the presence of a dead person who is not there. You're allowed to do that for three weeks after your mother dies. After that it is a criteria for mental disorder.

what seems to be a massive project of  homogenizing experience. We are all experiences at the same time

nobody will gonna be allowed to experience diferently, diferent from any one else. It's not allowed to see the sky as grey if other people see as blue.  ...
Blue, grey, white? There is only one answer.
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Mark p.s.2 said...

Great Post! Psychiatry will eliminate all artists, as everyone must think the same normal thoughts.

Ana said...

I thought about you when I was posting.
YAY! I'm glad you liked.