Monday, July 2

UK's Lawful Rebellion and The British Constitution Group

Roger Hayes, who was arrested today - refer to the post below - is the CEO of The British Constitution Group.
This is it what it stands for:
Reclaiming Our Sovereignty

Declaration By The British Constitution Group
ARTICLE | OCTOBER 7, 2008 - 2:48PM

"We, the British People have a right to govern ourselves. That right has been subjugated as a consequence of acts of treason having been committed by the collective political establishment, aided and abetted by corrupt segments of the judiciary, the police, the Church and the civil service.

Furthermore, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, whose position has been usurped by a corrupt House of Commons and who has been forced into the destruction of her Kingdom and the breaking of her coronation oath, no longer governs us in accordance with our laws and customs, as was the situation when she was elected by the people as our Sovereign and our Head of State.

Why Her Majesty has failed in her duty is not for us to judge at this point in time - Her Majesty has however been made aware of the situation and is now duty bound to make amends.

A political elite has for some time manipulated the electoral system to deprive the people of true democratic representation by constructing a party political system that has allowed, indeed encouraged, acts of treason to have been committed.

As a direct consequence of the betrayal of the British people by the collective political establishment, and others, the British Constitution Group is calling for Lawful Rebellion, as is our right under article 61 Magna Carta 1215.

Too many politicians pay lip-service to the principles of democracy whilst serving the interests of self and party, which has allowed patronage, greed and corruption to infect our system of governance to levels beyond anything that could be imagined or accepted by the British people. Whereas the British people have expected that the good elements within our system of governance would control and rein in the bad, it is now perfectly clear that rather than expose corruption and greed, the good elements have themselves become infected and corrupt."

Many people are not aware about what is happening in UK and with the arrest of Mr. Roger Hayes it is clear that things are getting worse in Britain.
The group The Lawful Rebellion is a source of videos, interviews and articles that raise awareness about how this world is being more and more similar to a dictatorial  system.
Lawful Rebellion stands for a change in conscience:

"What you resist, persists
What you fight against you will become.
You cannot solve a problem with the same level of consicousness that created it."
Click at the image to visit Lawful Rebellion in UK.

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