Sunday, July 15

Makeup, lipsticks, nail-polish, hair color, skincare: Yes, I'm a woman!

And I use it all!
I'm trying to change some stuffs but nail-polish will always be red as well as lipsticks thou I use it in a brown shade of red for casual events.

When I turned 25 I started using lipstick and could never stop it. It is a little obsessive and I can't get out without it. Only once I got out without the lipstick and... the horror!... there was not a single one on my purse.
I entered the first drugstore and bought a two dollars one. The DMS-5 will surely add it as a disease.

I'm trying to change the makeup. I use mascara, lipstick and sometimes a black eyeliner.
Some of the things I do and what I'm trying to achieve:

Eyes: only black mascara and occasionally a black eyeliner. I'll try to start using eye-shadows and according to my research the first item has to be a brown one because it is the base to a black smokey eye that is the first I want to learn how to do properly.
Sometimes I use an eye-shadow that matches the lipstick.

Skincare: years ago I went to a dermatologist who prescribed me retinoic acid.  I don't have many problems with my skin but I had an allergic reaction that made me go to this great and famous dermatologist Antar Padilha who died in 2005.
I only trust him and I've seen many dermatologists doing strange treatments to my friends.
He told me that we do not need to fear the sun the way we are being told and that the sun is good for the skin.
Retinoic acid do wonders to my skin. Every year I use it for one month.
Tip: Don't wash your skin right before passing the cream. According to my experience, this is anecdote evidence, my skin stopped being very irritated after I stop washing before the cream. I wash my skin in the afternoon and never at night when I'm using retinoic acid. NEVER, never touch, squeeze or pop pimples or blackheads. You'll only make it worse and have a mark that the natural process of healing don't leave. The mark last for months. Brown ugly mark, or marks, that can be avoided only by not touching them.
If you have acne search for a dermatologist and surf the web for information.
A very close friend had this problem when we were teens and she still have the marks. I had terrible nightmares about it. I feared the same happened to me.

I only use glycerin soap on my face and bath. I do it for more than two decades.

Skin makeup: Once I had a great Helena Rubinstein foundation that has a very natural result but when it finished I didn't buy another one and now it's no longer at the market. I don't know what to do. When I go shopping I try so many things that I end up buying nothing. Cannot decide.

Hair color: I want to do highlights on my hair. I started dying it soon and the color is too dark. Hairstylists I hate them, I hate them all since they refuse to do what we want and think they know what is the best for us.
At the moment I'm studying and I have already started trying. If things go wrong I'll go to the hairstylist. How ironic.
It will have to be a slow process because I don't wanna ruin my hair.

I don't like following fashion, I cannot wear clothes or accessories with letters because I'm not an outdoor.
I like mixing and matching.
That's all for the moments girls.


hastydecision said...

Ana... Very surprised that you are not an outdoor person. Most of my adult life I have wanted to go to Rio and enjoy those amazingly beautiful beaches. At my age I would not dream of wearing a Brazilian Bikini. I am going through the dreaded change of life and my skin is going crazy with acne. I am going to try using glycerin soap. Thanks for the tip.

Ana said...

My sister had acne when she was 18 years-old I got very scared of having the same problem because her skin didn't recover.
My mother was obsessed with skin so, even thou I never had problems and can say that I have a beautiful skin I worried most of the time with problems I didn't had.
I went to a dermatologist that prescribed me numerous products and the result was a huge allergic reaction.
I went to this doctor I talked at the post and I was prescribed antibiotics, 300 mg vitamin B6 three times a day and retinoid acid 0,1 mg.
After three months I had the most beautiful skin ever.
But I only stopped having problems when I decided to never touch my skin again, never squeeze anything.
As I said I use retinoid acid occasionally just to even up and the effect is very good.
Maybe you should consider using it too.
Don't squeeze and don't wash too much your face.
Dermacyd, it was also prescribed by Dr Padilha, is also good and you'll feel a good sensation in your hands cause it changes you PH.
I don't trust doctors...