Sunday, July 29

Middle-aged Barbie photoshop: she looks 83 years-old!

Wow! Who did that?

I found this image at Lorem Ipsum blog and I'm outraged.

Barbie, the doll we played projecting all we wanted for the future, is middle age but this photoshop shows a woman who is much older.

It is about time to stop pretending we don't get old and that age doesn't matter, yes it does, yes it does.

How would the creators of Barbie, today considered as the most shallow and superficial representation of women,  show their creation at her 53 years old of existence? Something tells me they'll never do that.
I'm not even suggesting that they should put the middle aged Barbie on the market.
Just one doll showing her age appearing in some magazines would do.


Anonymous said...

Where is Ken?

We get older and wiser. Life is life!

Ana said...

Not everybody... take a look at the politicians... lol