Sunday, August 5

49,198 shares in Facebook?

Yes. You can check here that this anonymous cartoon had 49,198 shares.


Mark p.s.2 said...

I just recently learned many bloggers have switched to facebook. Do you have a facebook account/name?

Ana said...

Yes Mark,

I have two accounts, one for each blog.
I use Ana Luiza and don't go too much at the other.

Join and you'll find everybody there.
Thought you didn't like FB.
It's ok if you choose a group of people who posts interesting stuffs.
Delete the others.
:) (why isn't real life like this?)

Mark p.s.2 said...

I think I found you and tried to add you as a friend.

Ana said...

This is my account. I didn't find your request.
Good to have you at FB> :)

hastydecision said...

Turning twenty was good. Turning thirty was okay. Turning forty was a little scary because of all the things I had not done yet. Turning fifty was just sad because I no longer have the guts to do some of the things I really wanted to do when I was younger and braver.

Ana said...

It just made me realize when i turned 53, this year.
I always thought I wouldn't care.
NO, it is not easy thinking that in seven years I'll be 60.
It looks the end of the world lol.
Society closes the doors for "middle-aged" people.
If I wanted to start a new career it would be harder.
Thinking that my body will lose, lose and become sick is not very empowering...
Anyway... here we go!