Wednesday, August 29

Things that never change

In an era where uncertainty is in the back of the mind of all to keep going requires a little effort. Little things become important and the idea or thought of things that will always be there is a way of quieting our minds.

Imagining and thinking about them helps. I'm making, mentally, lists of some of these things. I'm accepting contributions. For the moment I have this list:

- the noise of rain when we are in bed under the covers;

- the smile of a child;

- the numerous hues of green of  the leaves;

- the sound of a piano being played in the distance;

- a hug from someone we love;

- searching for a four leaf clove;

- blue, my favorite color;

- all the colors;

- friends visiting or phoning...

Your turn now. Don't forget to feed the fishes. Thank you.


Rum-Punch Drunk said...

The sound of the wind blowing/screaming through any cracks in a window on a windy night.

The creaking sounds of wooden floors at night

Sirens from the emergency services throughout the day and night makes me know I'm home, London

The smell of the air very very early in the morning before the traffic starts it's day

Ana said...

Loved them all...
Yes... I feel the same about the smell of the air in the early morning or when it rains...

Ana said...

I'll make a post with a collection of the comments.

Anonymous said...

Smelling a scent that remembers you a nice moment..

This is my little contribution :)

Nice post Ana!

Optic art´s girl.

Ana said...

yes... smells brings emotions back...
Thank you!

Mark p.s.2 said...

I have a list as well, its mostly scenes- memories of nature.

I enjoyed feeding the computer fish.


Ana said...

Hi Mark!
I can't hardly wait to see your list.
Yes, nature gives a lot.
Lately I realized that I'm such a "city person"!
I never been to a barn, never saw a cattle and the closer I got to a cow was decades ago.
I still remember staring at her and how her eyes had a kind of wisdom, or at least this is what the person who was with me said.
I really would love to go some places I never been.

Mark p.s.2 said...

My list? Oh I never wrote it down for people to see.
plus you won't understand what I am thinking of when I say "number one the island park, looking towards the bridge." and "number two , the river water, going over the rocks at the edge of the island park."

Ana said...