Friday, August 24

The fascinating art of Artmagenta

Due to the difficulty of choosing among so many great croquis I decided for the theme "girls dressed with hats" that is a category, a criteria like any other. Why not?

When I first did a tour at Artmagenta's blog I was enchanted by his croquis, sketches, caricatures, drawings and birds.

Ulf Andersson, is a Sweden illustrator who not only has the gift of mastering the techniques but created a style of his own in all the different works he does.
His croquis are not only exercises like for most artists and he creates amazing creatures that are unique and have their own lives. Each piece is a moment of their existence.

The witty captions he adds at each of his creations helps telling their story or help building the scene.

Take a look at his blog an make a tour around his universe.

Why do you draw nude models?

"Croquis is sketching or figure drawing from a live nude model. Also called life drawing. The purpose is exercise in how to draw the human body. Each pose lasts from 1 to 5 minutes. You are trying to get the correct proportions and balance of the human body. My total exercise will last for about 2-3 hours and most of the sketches are not worth saving/showing - but a small percent comes out as rather good drawings. These are some of those better drawings..."

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Just found this guy myself!