Wednesday, August 15

A glimpse of me

This is me in a picture out of focus. I'm shy.
Update: November, 2014
I removed the picture temporarily.


Mark p.s.2 said...

Hi Ana ! Love you!

Ana said...


kartunboj said...

This photography is so beautiful!
It seems I've already been at this place.

In my dreams :)

Ana said...

I remember Joe. That night we talked till the day's break.

hastydecision said...

Our eyes are the mirrors to our soul and your eyes are closed. It makes me think you've been hurt badly and are keeping the pain private. I am praying for love, happiness and pure joy to fill your life. By the way, I am new to blogs and love yours. The way your mind works is very inspiring. You make me stop and think about things.

Ana said...

We all have been hurt one way or another...
I'm really shy and don't like my pictures.
What is your blog?
Thank you very much for the visit and the kind words.
It also inspires me and makes me keep going.

hastydecision said...

I understand being shy. At times it has held me back from the things I want to do in life. I noticed in another post someone wanted to see a photo of you and you did this for them. That was very kind of you. It tells me that you care more for others than yourself. You have a big heart, Ana. I do not have a blog of my own. I have used computers for many years, but I am new to the internet and still trying to figure things out. I found your blog by accident and I'm glad I did.

Ana said...

I'm also very happy you left all these comments.
We do our posts like messages in a bottle and it's hard not having a feedback especially on the posts we try to raise awareness.
Yes, I was told i have a big heart...
many people have and you too.
That's another reason we keep going.
thank you very much!
You made my day.