Sunday, August 19

Ugly Melanie: Marilou Berry's funny and enchanting girl

Ok, ok, it is a French movie... and it is amazing! I can get enough of watching Melanie and I took the liberty, a nice way to say that I'm a criminal, to catch this minute where she finally gets control over her sexist boss and sit at his table.
The image is terrible because I don't know how to set the camera yet but the intention is doing a visual quotation of the movie. We can quote the screenplay, can't we? Why not one minute of the movie?

This scene makes me laugh and laugh even thou I have already seen it four times and I'm ready to watch it again. At 00:21/22/23... I laugh a lot.
I don't wanna do a review about the movie. I loved it. That's all.
Melanie Lupin is sort of anagram of Amelie Poulain another movie that is at this blog.

Watch the movie. It is at HBO. You'll have fun and also find tenderness.

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