Saturday, September 22

Americans already voting for president

I do not understand. What is politics? What do politicians do?
Surely not what is being done in many countries for some decades. In US it is not only said that what they are doing politics but also that the country is a democracy with freedom of speech, and... Grr.
This is not what many Americans are telling me and what facts like Susan Lindauer's arrest and the threat to death of journalists in Libya by CNN and NATO... and...

This is sad and is costing numerous people's lives.
America. The land of opportunities?

Faites vos jeux!

In the meantime:


The White House claims that protesters against that anti-Muslim video “spontaneously” attacked the so-called “consulate.”  In reality there were no protesters anywhere in Benghazi at the time of the attack. When Fox News questioned US officials about this, the officials admitted the truth. (13)

Nonetheless, the Obama administration/regime continues to insist that “protesters did it”. This lie not only conceals the Green Resistance; it also makes Muslims all seem irrational and blood-lusting, thereby justifying imperialist aggression (that is, the “war on terror”).
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D Bunker said...

I have never before seen, in all my years, a President who is so wildly unpopular with the people who are Paying his taxes, and stupidly popular with the people who are Receiving all those taxes as Food Stamps, Free Cell Phones etc.

In the US you are now seeing bumper stickers that say:

FUBO and others that say GTFO with the O replaced by the Obama red white and blue circle.

I've seen it get nasty many times before, but never like this.

Ana said...

Hi D Bunker,
I'm glad you came!
Love you dearly.

Yes, things are very hard...