Friday, September 21

Why medium waist jeans are hard to find?

I am searching desperately for mid-rise waist jeans because I never liked and will never like low-rise ones and they are omnipresent since the beginning of the nineties.
They look great in teens but, for me, not in women.

I usually have one pair of jeans dark blue, light blue and black. I only have the dark one and the others are missing. What a tragedy!

One of the reasons I hate fashion is this standardization of the bodies.
Women has already extract teeth, rips and whatever to adjust their body to the the most insane trends.
What about women who are fat? There are no clothes for them. It take years for them to find a shop with extra large clothes. Women has to have a rectangular torso now and no curves. I object!

And the fashion victims wear whatever they are told no matter if it suits or not. I'm sure that even those who don't pay attention to fashion has already seen someone like the person in the picture.
I have seen so many female bellies!

I'll try to find another pair of jeans. Maybe next year. Wish me luck!

                                                       Dear God,
Please tell Eve that this is not the only choice.
Thank you.
       Sincerely yours,


Cinta hujan said...

nice post,
my body too slim to wearing jeans

Ana said...


Mark p.s.2 said...

I can't find normal jeans either.
I think I have to start wearing dress pants/slacks, like grown-up office working people wear.

Ana said...

This is amazing!
I really hate fashion... this is fashism.