Thursday, September 20

Serious journalists working for Al Jazeera?

I used to comment at Al Jazeera two years ago.
Yesterday I visited the site left some comments and  noticed that those good commenters are gone.
There were  very good comments that sometimes were better than the article or added very important issues making a very interesting exchange of knowledge and information.

It is over. The Islamophobics took over and the articles of good journalists are put in discredit through those famous arguments used in propaganda.
Above my last comment in Al Jazeera.

Update September 21:
"Al Jazeera English has been prostituted, and is no longer a reliable source of information."

"The first rumors emerged about a year ago, during the Libyan campaign, alleging that much of AJ's supposedly "live" coverage from Tripoli was actually shot upon a sound stage in Doha, (Qatar), which was made up to look just like the main square in Tripoli (Libya). Certainly, beyond a doubt, Al Jazeera was leading the charge in the information war against the Gaddafi regime."

Read whole article at Redpossum Salon.


untonyto said...

I used to be a massive fan of Al-Jazeera TV; until their Syria coverage (a total FAIL) opened my eyes somewhat rudely.

Ana said...

They published a picture of Libyans celebrating that was photoshoped.

They are BBC. Where else?