Wednesday, September 19

Blogspot's captcha among the worst

Whenever I visit Ken's blog I feel like commenting in many posts because I love his work.

Unfortunately Blogspot changed it's "you're not a robot" verification and it is an ordeal to decipher what is written.

People think twice before clicking to comment and now another reason not to comment.


Ken Foster said...

Hey Ana,

I hate those things - they're maddening!. A couple of years ago my whole blog was hacked/packed with Chinese advertisements so I have kept that option ticked. Is this still an issue? Is there a good workaround? I'm guessing not because I see I have to go through the same to post on your blog. Oh, and since when 1176 argalgD a word? ;)

BTW, thanks for the comments you did make!! :)

Ana said...

Yes Ken,
We need this protection but it can doesn't need to be this way.

I didn't know that when your blog was hacked it was this way.

Blogspot changed to this version a few months ago.

It was better. I hope they change back.

1176 argalgD... what a nice combination! I hope it's was the correct one or you would have to guess again... lol

Ken Foster said...

I actually did get it wrong and it took me 2 more tries to get it right. Arrrr!

Ana said...


This should be considered a crime against.

I'll make a list of these kind of stuff we have to bare.

I love when they put the CAPS and we don't know it the answer is case sensitive.