Monday, September 3

Ellen Degeneres, me and Nancy: "Me and Now" at Beacon Theater

No. I'm not coming out, I like men, but she is a role-model for me. I would love to make people laugh and when I was a child I did a lot of things to myself that I would love to see now cause they were funny, at least for me.
I still do these perfomances for myself. I do faces at the mirror that are so strange and I have a lot of fun and also talk to myself inventing situations and stuffs.
I have a lot of fun doing these scenes.

Anyway... I'm not Ellen and whenever I see her I laugh and when it finishes I usually try to do some of the things she did. I don't dare to watch at myself at the mirror but I have a lot of fun doing it.

I wanted to share this with you, took some one-minute-shots and choose this one although the others are also great.

I can't be at the computer due to back problems I can read or watch TV. I choose to watch TV because I find good stuffs.
Maybe I have a gift because usually people say: "Turn off your TV or you'll become stupid or will be brainwashed and you'll this or that. TV is evil."
Strangely enough I found this show and also two good movies.
One of them is Sean Penn at "Fair Game" telling the Valerie Plame's story. Sean's character even exhorts  people to see the truth and take their responsability on what happens in US politics. Numerous critics... go here for instance.

But I don't know what is happening to these actors nowadays. They accept to do movies without researching and in the end it's always disappointing. The true story was not well reported as you can find in many sites.
What is going on Sean Penn? What about the other actors and actresses that are doing war propaganda?

Keep your TV on but be critical and search!
The other movie...I'll talk about it at another time cause I have to get out of the computer.

You can watch more Ellen at Youtube or buy the video, wait till they broadcast at the TV again.

shot these to choose one (click to enlarge)

Nancy? Where is Nancy? Watch the video. Now I'm gonna rehearse tripping at my living room...
Ok... This is the entire story in a very good video.

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